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ViewProtect transparent burglar bars are the ultimate in home security protection and we are at the forefront of introducing new technologies in smart security barriers to suit all walks of life.

Our patented Smart Bar Technology, Armed Bars (transparent burglar bars with an integrated alarm sensor), have paved the way for exciting products such as the ClearTrellis, AluRail, HotLock, etc. These products are unique, by not only supplying a strong physical barrier, but also a 24/7 active alarm protection.



ViewProtect transparent burglar bars can be connected with a more elegant and stronger fitment by using our AluRail mounting system. The weakest point in any burglar bars is the fitment, therefore ViewProtect developed the AluRail system to improve fitment strength with up to 28%! AluRail can be used for Standard and Armed Bar options.

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The "World First" clear retractable security gate, ClearTrellis, can be connected to your existing alarm system. Providing you with the ultimate security barrier to protect your possessions and family.

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ViewProtect Transparent Burglar Bars are manufactured from polycarbonate, one of the strongest thermoplastics available. Polycarbonate products have been designed and developed to withstand forces applied with high impact and has many uses, including riot shields, bullet proof windows and the canopies of fighter jets.


ViewProtect enforces strict regulations for the standards and specifications of our polycarbonate products. We only buy polycarbonate from ISO regulated manufacturing companies and the polycarbonate products have a UV protection on both sides of the bars.


We also make use of an independent test laboratory at Stellenbosch University’s Institute of Structural Engineering, to make sure our product is of the highest possible quality and to ensure that our products will be recognised by Insurance companies, before we allow these products to be sold as a ViewProtect Transparent Burglar Bar. 


WARNING: If security is important to you and your family, we strongly recommend that you install ViewProtect Armed Bars. Polycarbonate is a thermoplastic and is vulnerable to be weakened by chemicals and can be MELTED to gain access through these bars. Therefore it’s critical that a 24/7 alarm protection needs to be added to your transparent burglar bars. By introducing the 24/7 alarm protection in our transparent burglar bars, we have countered the possible weaknesses of polycarbonate.


ViewProtect is a proud member of TBASA (Transparent Barrier Association of South Africa). ViewProtect products and installation instructions have been approved by TBASA and we will endeavour to uphold the highest possible standards at all times. All TBASA members are required to perform installations according to their strict regulations and guidelines, to prevent substandard work and to allow installations and polycarbonate products to meet the requirements for insurance purposes.


Download/view our pdfBusiness Portfolio, pdfArmed Bar Portfolio and pdfViewProtect Benefits today or find a certified installerCertified Installer near you for further information.


Keep in touch with our newest innovations and ground breaking designs of our Smart Bars Technology, which will be available in the near future by connecting to our Facebook and LinkedIn profile.


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"reviewsWhat an absolute pleasure it is to work with a company like yours -the bars are here already!- THANKS.

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