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Business Media MAGS - May 2018


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Clear Safety Bars

A few things to consider when installing Clear Bars.

Safety bars

Clear Bars without the protection of an integrated alarm sensor or any other alarm monitoring or reaction system, should only be installed for “safety reasons”. Installing clear bars as burglar guard security is not recommended. The only time we recommend to install these Safety Bars as a security barrier, is in gated communities or guarded security estates as additional security, as well as in high rise buildings to prevent children falling from windows.

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Business Media MAGS - March 2018


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The Most Secure Burglar Alarm Sensor Available

When it comes to affordable alarm sensors currently on the market, the options are very limited.

Secure Burglar Alarm Sensor

This is especially the case when looking for a sensor with 24/7 active alarm monitoring protection, or a combination of a physical barrier and an alarm system. Areas with high humidity, such as bathrooms, are especially difficult to protect with normal alarm sensors.

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Business Media MAGS - February 2018


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How Does Armed Bars Work?

ViewProtect™ Armed Bars are uniquely designed transparent burglar bars made from a specific polycarbonate.

thumb bmm feb 2018

These substances are among the strongest thermoplastics ever produced. Polycarbonate is impact resistant and is widely used for riot shields, bulletproof windows and enclosures as seen in banks and moreover is rust and maintenance free.

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Business Media MAGS - January 2018


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Aesthetical Physical Protection

Security systems are constantly being developed and improved in order to make it as difficult as possible for intruders to gain access to premises and residences.

Aesthetical Physical Protection

The new developments implement various means to stop and stall criminal elements for as long as possible, thereby allowing time to implement a personal protection plan as well as give the police and reactions units time to arrive.


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ViewProtect welcomed on board OPP Contracting Ltd from Mauritius

ViewProtect welcomed on board OPP Contracting Ltd from Mauritius.

OPP Contracting has successfully installed their first ClearTrellis gates in paradise! 

OPP Contracting

ViewProtect range of products are available from OPP Contracting Ltd in Mauritius and can be contacted at:

Bonair Industrial Zone - Bonair Road

Triolet, Republic of Mauritius

Tel:  230-261-1500

Fax:  230-261-4172



ViewProtect welcomes Maxidor on-board

ViewProtect welcomes Maxidor on-board.

The Maxidor national sales teams and installers recently received comprehensive training from ViewProtect, on our world leading range of Smart Bar Technology products.
These unrivalled products from ViewProtect will allow Maxidor to stand head and shoulders above their competitors in the retractable security gate industry, with the most reliable and secure transparent barriers than any of their competitors have to offer.


Maxidor receives training at ViewProtect


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