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ViewProtect™ Standard Bars 

Standard Bars

Standard Bars

Standard Bars

Standard Bars

Standard Bars Standard Product, not armed

ViewProtect Standard Transparent Burglar Bars is available through our Certified Installers or as DIY product, which can be purchased from a ViewProtect Distributor or can be ordered through our Cut-2-Size option.

ViewProtect has developed the standard clear bar product, to supply to clients who need these products for safety or who are not security conscious and do not want to connect their bars to an alarm system and/or would prefer to install the product themselves.

Standard transparent bars are used for:

  • Security – burglar bars
  • Safety
    • Protect children from falling from windows
    • Keep unwanted animals out (Baboons & Monkeys)
    • Balustrading

ViewProtect has a strong national network of distributors that retail these products to the consumer. These retailers currently service all the major city centres in South Africa. We have seen a definite growth trend in the DIY market developing. This is due to the fact that our consumer friendly DIY kit has been positively received by the market. In addition, the international recession has forced many consumers to opt to spend money on a DIY product, instead of the more expensive supply and fit option.

No special training is necessary, due to the user friendly installation procedures included in the DIY packaging and more advanced instructions to maximise your installation can be viewed on our website. ViewProtect standard transparent burglar bars are available in 6 and 8 mm thickness.


WARNING: If security is important to you and your family we strongly recommend that you install ViewProtect Armed Bars.

Polycarbonate is a thermoplastic and is vulnerable to be weakened by chemicals and can be MELTED to gain access through these bars. Therefore it’s critical that a 24/7 alarm protection needs to be added to your transparent burglar bars. By introducing the 24/7 alarm protection in our transparent burglar bars we have countered the possible weaknesses of polycarbonate.


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 Before Installation

 After Installation

 Before Installation

 After Installation


 The following DIY products are available from ViewProtect Distributors.


ViewProtect™ Armed Bars 

Transparent Bars Transparent Bars alurail 350 526 6319  

Armed Burglar BarsArmed Product


ViewProtect has outpaced its competitors by developing and patenting a transparent burglar bar with an integrated alarm sensor – Armed Bar.

This product can be connected to any alarm system. This unique Smart Bar Technology makes it possible to protect the home owner with a 24/7 active alarm system, in addition to having a transparent physical barrier. This technology also allows the homeowner, for the first time, to have the opportunity to fully utilise their alarm system by having a permanent perimeter protection while he is moving around in the home. This allows the homeowner freedom to open and close and also clean the windows and bars. No more false alarms caused by accidental human errors, plants, insects, animals, etc.

False alarms cost the security companies millions of Rand each year. ViewProtect Armed Bars are designed to limit, as far as possible, any false alarms.

This has had a major influence on the level of interest we have received from security companies. By significantly reducing the number of false alarms, security companies will not only save money on unproductive reaction calls, but will also be able to provide a faster reaction time due to availability of services. 

Some of the advantages of ViewProtect's Armed Bars: 

  • Works with all alarm systems
  • 24/7 alarm & physical protection
  • Always active even when windows are open
  • Permanent armed zone at windows & security doors
  • No more accidental false alarms
  • Insect proof
  • Tamper resistant
  • Wires are invisible
  • Corrosion free

Armed Bar sketch

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Read more: Armed Bars

ViewProtect Cut-2-Size

Clear Bars
ViewProtect™ Cut-2-Size range

ViewProtect DIY products can also be ordered and supplied according to a client's specifications, enabling you to order your clear bars already cut to you specific requirements. Saving you time and frustration.

Standard bars and all fixing consumables are listed on our estimate form. Select your requirements and ViewProtect will supply you a free quotation before placing your order.

 To request a quotation or place an order, please go to our quotation/estimate form and submit your request.

Installation instructions and Quotation Guidelines:

  1. pdfInstallation Instructions
  2. pdfQuotation Guidelines

Please Note the following with regards to this product:

  • Holes in bars must be drilled on site and cannot be pre-drilled by ViewProtect,
  • All Products are 30mm in width,
  • See installation instructions on website,
  • Shipment will take place after proof of payment has been received,
  • Pre-cut products are non-returnable or refundable.

ViewProtect AluRail 

Armed Product


Standard Product, not armed


AluRail AluRail sag 6344  

The AluRail is a specialised extruded aluminium channel, designed to accommodate the polycarbonate bars.

The ViewProtect AluRail system was originally designed for the European market that required a secure fixing for security bars on the outside of the windows due to windows opening to the inside. During our testing period we identified that the AluRail will improve the aesthetical look of the fixtures, and more importantly, improve our fixing strength with up to 28%.

The fixing of the polycarbonate bars are the weakest point of the installation and therefore we recommend to use the AluRail fixing option to give the strongest fitment possible.

The AluRail system can be used for the standard bars as well as the incomparably Armed Bars connections.

The AluRail benefits are as follow:  

  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Stronger fitment due to clamping of the bars between AluRail sides
  • AluRail and bars form a solid unit
  • No fixtures or wires visible
  • Can be premanufactured before installation
  • No more holes in window frames required
  • Bars receive tension during installation
  • HotLock can be installed

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“Patent pending”

ViewProtect™ ClearTrellis 

Armed ClearTrellis Armed ClearTrellis Armed ClearTrellis Armed ClearTrellis

Armed ProductClearTrellis

The ViewProtect ClearTrellis is a newly developed product and is the world's first transparent retractable security gate. The ClearTrellis will have the opportunity to be connected to any active alarm system by using Smart Bar Technology and therefore ViewProtect has an unparalleled advantage over our nearest competitors.

The ClearTrellis gates are only available in the Armed option and all customised gates are manufactured according to each client's needs. All the vertical polycarbonate bars have the Smart Bar Technology installed and even the horizontal stainless steel cables form part of the in-series alarm protection.

The ClearTrellis will improve the client's security with a 24/7 active alarm protection, even if the gate is in motion, and a transparent physical barrier that will not influence your valuable views like other metal retractable security gates.

This transparent retractable security gate product will improve your house value by removing the prison appearance you will get when installing metal gates at your doors and openings.

With the installation of the ClearTrellis you will have an unspoiled view, even when the gate is opened and stacked (parked) to the side of the door or opening.

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*Patent pending

ViewProtect™ Trojan Gate

trojan gate logo 520 112

  Trojan Gate Advantages    

ViewProtect Smart Bar Technology has once again opened the opportunity for a new, unparalleled product, the TROJAN GATE!

 Security gates are used in most households, and ViewProtect has again raised the bar with a transparent security gate, with unique 8 point protection features:

  1. The gate can be Armed 24/7 on any burglar alarm system
  2. 8mm polycarbonate bars are used
  3. Anti-Tamper protection on gate
  4. Booby trapped gate structure
  5. Internal active sound bomb protection (immediate protection after installation)
  6. External burglar alarm connection options (even wireless!)
  7. Magnetic door contact protection
  8. LED warning & branding light

 These gates will be available to approved manufacturers and installers throughout South Africa and can be used as swing gates, as well as sliding gates to cover most openings a house has to offer.

Click here to download the TROJAN Gate brochure.

The TROJAN Gate also has the option to be branded for different companies, and an LED light inside the gate will glow the company’s name and logo. This will immediately pull attention to the company's brand, as well as the fact that these gates are Armed and provide a 24/7 alarm protection.

Trojan Gate

How will the agency process work?

The relevant company applies for the opportunity to have the TROJAN Gate as one of their products available to their customers. 

After approving the company, ViewProtect will supply the required training that will allow the factory to manufacture these gates to ViewProtect standards and/or train installers to install these unique gates on site.

Should you be interested in becoming a TROJAN Gate agent, click here to download a brochure.

Contact us on  should your company be interested to take our new and exciting TROJAN Gate on board, or let us know should you require a quotation to have these gates installed at your property.


ViewProtect HotLock

Armed Product


Standard Product, not armed



During a fire or when trespassers enter your home or office, an escape route is crucial to avoid been trapped and overwhelmed. ViewProtect developed the Hotlock that will allow the inhabitants to escape the scene and move to an area of safety.
These Hotlock units form part of the security barrier and fixes the transparent burglar bars to the AluRail frame. The rapid unlocking mechanism allows the occupants to remove the bar and bend the bars away to allow exit. The unit can be connected to any 24/7 active alarm system and will send a panic signal immediately after removing the bar from the AluRail.


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“Patent pending”

Transparent Security Swing Gates 

Armed Product

Armed Security Gate

Standard Product, not armed

Standard Security Gate

Armed, Transparent Security Doors Armed, Transparent Security Doors Armed, Transparent Security Doors Armed, Transparent Security Doors

ViewProtect customised swing gates enhance your home security by offering installed Smart Bar Technology. This means that your security swing gate can be connected to your alarm system, providing you with 24/7 physical and active alarm protection at your doorways. 

ViewProtect manufactures standard galvanised and epoxy coated steel frames, as well as an upmarket aluminium gate frame to compliment your home's entrance.

We will also assist and quote on custom made security gates, please forward your plans together with the exact measurements of the door via email to or fax +27 21 882 8003 and we will contact you with a quotation.

TestedViewProtect™ adheres to strict regulations on the standard of the polycarbonate products used, purchasing these products from ISO regulated companies.


An independent test laboratory (University of Stellenbosch Institute of Structural Engineering) runs random tests on the polycarbonate products prior to the sale of  ViewProtect™ Transparent Burglar Bars.