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Procedures to install transparent burglar bars

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Measure window Cut bars Mark position Drill hole

Measure the window opening and divide equally.

Allow for spacing a maximum spacing of 120mm between  clear bars up to 700mm in length and 100mm for bars up to a maximum length of 1m.

Cut the bars to the length required.

Allow at least 2mm between the bar and the window reveal on both sides of the bar.

Mark the position of the hole in the bar at least 12mm from the edge of the bar.

Drill a 6mm hole in the bar.

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Practical Tips

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Practical TipsThe purpose of this page is to provide practical tips to ensure effortless installation of the ViewProtect™ clear security bars and enhance your home security.

The attachment of the ViewProtect™ bars to the wall or the window frame is the weakest point of the installation. Care must be taken to ensure that these attachments are as strong as possible.

Ensure that the correct method of installation is used for the specific window type and that the window handle movement is not restricted.

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Maximising Fitment

If you would like to ensure that your  ViewProtect Transparent Burglar Bars are fitted as securely as possible, take a look at some of our tips below.

Read these tips in conjunction with the installation procedures which may be found in the packaging of the product.

IMPORTANT! Always remember that the point of installation is potentially where a weakness can occur that might be exploited further by intruders.

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