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Terms & Conditions – ViewProtect (Pty) Ltd

The following terms and conditions apply to all products on offer by ViewProtect:


  1. All quotations / orders are subject to the express condition that ViewProtect shall in no way be liable for any consequential loss, damage or delay to the customer / client arising from an act of God, act of state, breakdown of equipment, labour dispute, war, riots, civil commotion, transport delay or any other causes beyond the control of ViewProtect (Pty) Ltd.
  2. Unless expressly agreed upon otherwise, all invoices are due and payable upon presentation of a tax invoice.
  3. No production will commence until proof of agreed payment has been received by ViewProtect (Pty) Ltd.
  4. All products manufactured, delivered and / or installed shall remain, in total, the sole property of ViewProtect (Pty) Ltd until paid for in full.
  5. ViewProtect (Pty) Ltd reserve the right to change or modify the design of the product without further notice.
  6. All installation work and moving parts, or parts thereof, have a one-year guarantee.
  7. The polycarbonate has a 10 years guarantee as received from the manufacturer, and only if the product is cleaned according to ViewProtect’s cleaning recommendations.  This guarantee covers any discolouring of the bars, and does not include any damage due to negligence or attempted break-ins.
  8. All other products from ViewProtect (Pty) Ltd carry a one-year guarantee against manufacturing defects.  The guarantee does not cover any damage due to negligence or attempted break-ins.
  9. Proof of purchase must be supplied by the customer in a warranty claim to determine date of purchase and/or if a ViewProtect certified installer has been used for installation.
  10. Polycarbonate cleaning recommendation is to clean the polycarbonate with a soft damp cloth and a non-abrasive household detergent. Special care must be taken during cleaning of bars. ViewProtect (Pty) Ltd cleaning kits are available on request.
  11. All ViewProtect’s DIY kits are to be installed as per the installation leaflet available on ViewProtect website and also included in the DIY kit.  Any deviation from these instructions will result in the guarantee being null and void.
  12. All quotes are valid for a period of 14 days, thereafter the quote may be subject to material price increases.
  13. All other costs not included in the purchase price, such as customs, duty fees and taxes payable in the country to which the products are consigned to, shall be for the customer’s account.
  14. Goods delivered with protection will be deemed to be in good condition.
  15. It is the customer’s responsibility to sign an acceptance of the product or appoint a duly authorised person to accept the product on their behalf.
  16. The risk of the goods sold and delivered by ViewProtect (Pty) Ltd to the customer shall pass on to the client upon delivery.
  17. Once goods are delivered, ViewProtect (Pty) Ltd accepts no liability should damage occur.  ViewProtect (Pty) Ltd will not be responsible for any loss, theft or damage to existing property or personal injuries.
  18. A deposit of 80% is payable on all orders for AluRail, Trojan Gate, Clear Trellis and HotLock products, with the balance payable upon completion of the installation.
  19. All orders for AluRail, Trojan gate, ClearTrellis & Hotlock products are made to measure. Once production has started, it cannot be cancelled or varied in any manner whatsoever.  Should changes be required, the client undertakes to pay for all costs already incurred by ViewProtect (Pty) Ltd in the execution of this order, whether fully or partially completed.
  20. Whilst every endeavor is made to ensure the accuracy of our quotations, we accept no liability for errors or omissions which may have occurred during the quoting process.  The client is advised to carefully study the quotation him/herself to establish the accuracy thereof.
  21. Any changes to the quote will be in writing. No verbal changes to the quote will be accepted and if so, ViewProtect (Pty) Ltd will not be held responsible for any errors.
  22. ViewProtect (Pty) Ltd, or any company representative, will not be liable for any damage suffered - including but not limited to - water pipes, electrical wiring, tiles, plaster or any similar damages caused during installation of the products.
  23. It is the customer’s obligation to protect their valuables in the home /office, and to point out any electrical, plumbing or water hazards before the installation of the products commence.
  24. Guarantees are subject to adequate and regular cleaning, servicing and maintenance by the customer. Fair wear and tear is excluded. The customer acknowledges that metal products are known to rust and corrode, and the products will therefore not be covered under the guarantees of ViewProtect (Pty) Ltd.
  25. Any metal products installed within a 5km radius of any body of water - sea, dam, river, etc - shall be serviced and washed by the customer at least twice a month, and will carry a one-year rust and corrosion guarantee.
  26. Metal products outside the 5km radius of any body of water shall be serviced and washed by the customer, and will have a three-year rust and corrosion guarantee.
  27. The customer shall only have one claim per product, and it excludes any damages after installation.
  28. ViewProtect (Pty) Ltd reserves the right to refuse repair or replacement if proof of the required maintenance cannot be supplied by the customer.
  29. ViewProtect (Pty) Ltd reserves the right to change these terms and conditions from time to time at our sole discretion.  In the event of any violation of these terms and conditions, we reserve the right to seek all remedies available whether by law or equity.
  30. The client confirms that they have read and understood all the above conditions, and have accepted such.

ViewProtect’s Break Through Warranty - Terms and Conditions:

  1. ViewProtect’s Break Through Warranty includes a free replacement of the AluRail Armed Bars which have been breached without the security alarm system been activated.
  2. This warranty is valid for 10 years after installation date, and only pertains to installations done from 1 June 2018.
  3. All AluRail Armed Bars must be installed by a ViewProtect certified installer. Any modifications on the product without ViewProtect’s written approval will render the warranty as null and void.
  4. ViewProtect has the right to withdraw the Break Through Warranty should the fixing of the AluRail Armed Bars not apply to ViewProtect’s minimum fixing standards, as specified on ViewProtect’s website.
  5. The AluRail Armed Bars must be connected, by a certified alarm company, to a 24/7 active alarm zone which is linked to a monitored security alarm system.
  6. The Break Through Certificate must be signed by the ViewProtect certified installer, the certified alarm company which did the connection to the alarm system, as well as the client. The certificate, with all three signatures, must be scanned and emailed to ViewProtect by the client within 14 days after installation.
  7. ViewProtect’s Amed Bars sign board must be clearly displayed at the property where the product was installed, excluding where architectural guidelines prohibit such boards but proof of these guidelines must be supplied before signing of the certificate.
  8. Any AluRail Armed Bars which are disconnected for maintenance, or any other reasons, must be reconnected BEFORE the alarm company leaves the property on that same day. A reconnection confirmation MUST be sent to ViewProtect.
  9. In the unlikely event of a break-in of the AluRail Armed Bars, the incident must be reported to ViewProtect and SAPS, and a case number obtained (within 24 hours).
  10. A full report from the alarm company must be supplied by the client which clearly proves that the AluRail Armed Bars did not activate the alarm.
  11. ViewProtect may request a full report on the alarm boards from the installation date which will result in the claim being null and void if this information is not supplied, or if any of the above conditions were not met.
  12. The warranty is not transferable, and only the client (purchaser) may claim if no monies are outstanding.
  13. Only the product which has been breached will be covered by this warranty. The manufacturer or installer will not accept liability for any theft, damage, injury or death that may relate to the break-in, misuse or destruction of the product.
  14. These conditions must be read in conjunction with ViewProtect’s T&C’s on our website.

ViewProtect’s minimum fixing standards for the Break Through Warranty are:

  1. Only ViewProtect AluRail fixing system can be used to install the Armed Bars;
  2. All Armed Bars must be fixed to AluRail with required torq screws;
  3. All Armed Bar wiring must be connected according to ViewProtect’s AluRail diagram and form an in-series connection;
  4. No AB wires can be exposed from the Armed Bars;
  5. No damaged Armed Bars will be installed;
  6. All the fixing holes need to be drilled in the wall and be securely fitted with fisher plugs and screws, or any other fixing screws or pop rivets, supplied by ViewProtect;
  7. All fixing screws needs to be protected and secured to prevent them from being unscrewed by an intruder;
  8. At least 90% of the required fixing screws must be installed securely;
  9. A set screw needs to be installed to keep the channel in place;
  10. AB wire continuity needs to be 100% before connecting to the alarm system;
  11. Any weak installation spot needs to be identified and secured;
  12. Armed Bars MUST be connected to the alarm system, and stay armed before the warranty will apply;
  13. ViewProtect advertising board must be installed on the property and must be clearly visible from outside the property.



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