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  Trojan Gate Advantages    

ViewProtect Smart Bar Technology has once again opened the opportunity for a new, unparalleled product, the TROJAN GATE!

 Security gates are used in most households, and ViewProtect has again raised the bar with a transparent security gate, with unique 8 point protection features:

  1. The gate can be Armed 24/7 on any burglar alarm system
  2. 8mm polycarbonate bars are used
  3. Anti-Tamper protection on gate
  4. Booby trapped gate structure
  5. Internal active sound bomb protection (immediate protection after installation)
  6. External burglar alarm connection options (even wireless!)
  7. Magnetic door contact protection
  8. LED warning & branding light

 These gates will be available to approved manufacturers and installers throughout South Africa and can be used as swing gates, as well as sliding gates to cover most openings a house has to offer.

Click here to download the TROJAN Gate brochure.

The TROJAN Gate also has the option to be branded for different companies, and an LED light inside the gate will glow the company’s name and logo. This will immediately pull attention to the company's brand, as well as the fact that these gates are Armed and provide a 24/7 alarm protection.

Trojan Gate

How will the agency process work?

The relevant company applies for the opportunity to have the TROJAN Gate as one of their products available to their customers. 

After approving the company, ViewProtect will supply the required training that will allow the factory to manufacture these gates to ViewProtect standards and/or train installers to install these unique gates on site.

Should you be interested in becoming a TROJAN Gate agent, click here to download a brochure.

Contact us on  should your company be interested to take our new and exciting TROJAN Gate on board, or let us know should you require a quotation to have these gates installed at your property.


TestedViewProtect™ adheres to strict regulations on the standard of the polycarbonate products used, purchasing these products from ISO regulated companies.


An independent test laboratory (University of Stellenbosch Institute of Structural Engineering) runs random tests on the polycarbonate products prior to the sale of  ViewProtect™ Transparent Burglar Bars.


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