Byrna HD Kit

Not all situations require lethal force. That’s where the Byrna fits in. The Byrna HD is a powerful, extremely effective CO2-powered personal security device and the only self-defense weapon that delivers a payload of Chemical Irritant (OC, CS, PAVA) projectiles, Inert projectiles, and Kinetic projectiles.

Requiring no firearm license to purchase or carry, there are no waiting periods, no background checks, or waiting periods required to purchase and own the Byrna HD.

1 x Byrna HD Launcher
2 x 5-Round Magazines
2 x CO2Cartridges
1 x 5-Round Tube of Chemical Irritant* Projectiles
1 x 5-Round Tube of Inert Projectiles*
1 x 5-Round Tube of Solid Projectiles
1 x #byrnanation Medallion