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We offer a wide range of home security solutions including clear bars, burglar bars, security gates, security shutters, flyscreens and more.

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South Africa’s leader in clear burglar bars design and manufacturing.

ViewProtect products are at the forefront of the aesthetically pleasing transparent safety and security barrier industry.

With internationally patented Smart Bar technology, ViewProtect clear burglar bars offer the consumer an integrated active alarm sensor and physical transparent barrier for 24/7 alarm monitored protection.

The simplistic design of the Smart Bar technology has allowed for the creation of the most secure alarm monitoring sensor!


  • Physically strong transparent safety and security barriers;
  • Connects to any security alarm system;
  • 24-Hour active security alarm protection;
  • No more accidental false alarms;
  • Supplier of LEXAN® polycarbonate – one of the strongest and globally known brands;
  • We also offer NAXEL™ Polycorbonate as an alternative;
  • Enhances property value with aesthetically pleasing security barriers;
  • Insurance benefits due to high-tech alarm monitoring system;
  • UV protected and approved products – independently tested;
  • Easy and affordable installations;
  • National covering of highly trained installation companies;
  • Our smart phone App allow for a “on the spot” quotation.

product introduction & fitment options

ViewProtect Supplier of both LEXAN™ Polycarbonate & NAXEL™ Polycarbonate :

clear burglar bars

Thanks for the follow-up. We are very happy with the burglar bar installation and will recommend your product and installation team to others. It would be great if you could provide us with a security board for outside as every bit of deterrence helps.

Mike Bremer

I wish to congratulate you on your superb product. One of our windows were left open and the window was protected with the ViewProtect bars, which was connected to my alarm system monitored by ADT Hermanus. During the early hours of the morning our guests wore woken by the alarm going off. A burglar managed to break the bar free from its fixture to the window frame using a lever. However, upon the alarm activation he fled leaving the lever at the scene of the attempted burglary.

Gerrit Jordaan

I received my order for 100 cut-2-size bars on Tuesday (3 working days after I made the payment), and everything was 100% in order.

I installed the bars in two of the wood frame windows to see how it would look. The installation was very easy, and it looked great on the wooden frame windows. Thanks again for the good service and excellent product from ViewProduct.

Marius Minnie
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