The adjustable louvre blades are reinforced with hardened steel pins running through the end caps of each louvre to ensure an extremely robust

yet attractive alternative to steel gates and burglar bars and replaces the need for additional security on windows and doors.

Testing and constant innovation keeps this product ahead of its game.

  •  Found utilised on exteriors and interiors.
  •  Well suited to harsh conditions and coastal climates.
  •  Powder-coated in a wide selection of standard colours.
  •  Custom colours can also be achieved.
  •  The powder-coated finish is UV resistant.
  •  Anti-static and flame resistant.
  •  Have a blade profile size of 95mm.

Security Features

  • Hidden, flush-fitting tamper-proof lock. Double internal latch mechanism.
  • Only requires the key to lock and unlock. No extra components.
  • Secure stainless steel cylinder and bolt lock system secures top (11.5 mm) and bottom (16.5mm) of the shutters. Tension rods, thickened walls and internal structure supports for added stability, strength and security.
  • The double-core shutters are reinforced with 100mm hardened steel rods on both sides of each shutter.
  • Exclusive hidden tilt rod and light line reducer for aesthetics. No bulky bars.
  • Hinges have shouldered/tapered pins that cannot be removed or punched out and the hinges have nylon inserts for quiet operation.
  • The robust framing is a “slim line” to be unobtrusive but secure.
  • Aluminium shutter extrusion – manufactured from IOS/Quality 6063-T6 grade aluminium.
  • Low maintenance, durable and well suited to harsh conditions and South African climates.

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How do our shutters open, stack or fit into your reveals and architraves – Its really down to how you utilise your space and what most suits your lifestyle. On consultation, we can advise the best solutions for each opening, be it window door or exterior space that needs our attention.


These shutters are designed to be kept closed, and the blades tilted for light control and privacy etcetera. Hinged panels are the most commonly specified for standard windows.


Designed to be used to cover a doorway or as a room divider and windows. Their main appeal is their ability to fold away from the opening, giving an unobstructed view and greater opening space.


Sliding panels are generally used to cover an opening or divide an area for additional privacy. Their main attraction is their ease of use and that they do not intrude into the room when operated.