ViewProtect Partners

ViewProtect specialises in the transparent safety and security industry and built our reputation by providing the strongest and most reliable products to our customers.

We investigate different products and will only collaborate with companies that will provide the best products and services in their trades.

ViewProtect has, therefore, joined forces with one of Africa’s best safety and security glass designers and manufacturers. We also negotiated the exclusive supply rights for the advanced LEXAN® polycarbonate within the transparent security barrier industry in South Africa.

Bark Alarms, a sister company of ViewProtect, is just another reason why we strive to be the best in what we do and to create safer communities in South Africa.

With our selected partners, ViewProtect can provide our customers with all-round strong and aesthetical protection without affecting the architectural beauty of a property.

There is no more need for homeowners to change their dream homes into steel prisons!


Bark alarms

BARK ALARMS developed unique and affordable products for the majority South African households often overlooked by other security companies.

The BARK ALARMS tapped into the communal spirit of Ubuntu, focusing on providing smart protection products at prices the largest section of the public can afford. Their products include state-of-the-art security alarm systems with ground breaking alarm sensors, protecting their customers 24/7 without the usual nuisance of accidental triggered false alarms.

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ViewProtect is proud to have a world-class company backing our brand and allowing us to provide the maximum protection to our customers.

LEXAN® is globally a well-known brand and one of the top quality polycarbonate manufacturers in the world. LEXAN® was not only the first polycarbonate manufacturer but supply a wide range of products in different industries.

We know we have the best support and products for our customers!

ViewProtect has the following LEXAN® products available:

LEXAN® Exell D

High impact Lexan polycarbonate with UV protection on both sides.


LEXAN® Margard

Scratch-resistant Lexan polycarbonate with UV protection on both sides.


LEXAN® Clinicwall


    • Wall cladding in hospitals, gyms, etc;

Click here to study the LEXAN® Clinicwall data sheet.

LEXAN® Thermo Click

Uses lightweight walls with exceptional noise and fire deterrence properties.

Click here to study LEXAN® Thermo Click data sheet.

ViewProtect has extended our product range by joining forces with a market leader in the safety and security glass industry in South Africa.