How to Measure your Windows to Get a Quote

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Hurry and get your clear burglar bars quote during the lockdown. We are now entering stage 4 of the national lockdown. During this time we are still able to assist you with a preliminary quote on any of our clear burglar bar products. We recommend that you get a quote from us as soon as possible. Most orders will be on backorder when we return and would like to deliver on your order as soon as possible.

ViewProtect Product options:

  • Armed Bars. If you are looking for quality and security, our Armed Bars are a great option. What makes them great and different from others on the market? Our clear burglar bars are specially designed to be integrated with any alarm system.


  • Safety Bars. Our safety bars are made from LEXAN polycarbonate, which makes it one of the strongest on the market. The safety bars are great for child safety and to keep unwanted animals out of your home. safety bars


  • ClearTrellis. The ClearTrellis is a transparent retractable security gate. The best part of this product is that it can also be integrated with any alarm system. clear burglar bars quote


  • Trojan Gate. This option is great for residential units and businesses. This transparent gate can be a swing or sliding gate and can also be integrated with any alarm system offering you the ultimate security. security gates



The top recommended product for quality and optimum security is our AluRail Armed Bars. The other top recommended product for affordability and security is the EziBar. For more information about these products visit our Armed Bars page.

To speed up the process and to give you a more accurate quote, we invite you to do the measurements yourself and send it to us when requesting a quote. Below we will give you a step-by-step guide on how to measure your windows/doors which you will be sent to us. 

Clear Burglar Bars Quote: Measurement Steps

  1. First, decide if you need to cover only the opening windows or all the glass panels.
  2. Make sure you have adequate fifing space on the window frame when doing a direct fit or EziBar installation. Your window frame should provide you at least 20mm if you will do a direct fit safety bar or 25mm if you would like to fit the EziBar option. If you require the ALuRail option you need to have at least 60mm reveal (brickwork) space on the side of the window frame.
  3. First, take the bar length measurement (normally it’s wall to wall from left to right when installing bars horizontally) and then you need to take the gap (height) measurement. If you consider a direct fit or EziBar fitment option you will take the gap measurement of the daylight opening – this means the physical opening height that needs to be covered. Considering the AluRail fitment option you will measure from the lintel to the cill of the window.
  4. If your bar length is more than 1m, you need to allow for cross-sections. Please see our crossbar section on the website for more information or contact our support team at 0861 444 789
  5. Take a photo of the window if possible and send it with your measurements. Make sure the photos are clearly marked to match your measurements.

Have you completed all the measurement steps? Now you are ready to send us all the information. Please send your quote enquiry, measurements and pictures by emailing us at

We are so excited to assist you with our enquiry and to send you a quote. Please allow 2 working days for us to put together a quote for you.


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