Armed Strike Plates

Armed Strike Plates

The Armed Strike Plates are designed for different door and gate lock applications. The focus of the development of these patented designs has the unique ability to provide 24/7 active alarm protection at all external doors.


The new Bark Armed Strike Plate products provide constant alarm protection at the locks while actively living in a building, even after dis-arming the alarm system, or when the doors are opened or closed during normal use!


The Armed Strike Plate has two strong pressure springs to stop a micro switch from activating the alarm when pressure is placed on a door while being unlocked. When forces are used to open the door, typically by an intruder that does not have the key to the door, the springs give way, which in turn push on the micro switch and trigger the alarm. 


The Armed Strike Plates have the following advantages:


          1. Connects to all alarm systems;
          2. Armed 24/7
          3. Wireless or hardwired connection to alarm systems;
          4. Trigger alarm system when force entry is executed;
          5. Strike plate fitment more secure;
          6. Install on wood or aluminium door frames;
          7. Fixing options are included in the packaging.
          • Wooden screws
          • Pop rivets
          • Instruction page
          • Mark out template