Clear Burglar Bars Review

Mike Bremer

Hi Riccardo,

Thanks for the follow-up. We are very happy with the burglar bar installation and will recommend your product and installation team to others. It would be great if you could provide us with a security board for outside as every bit of deterrence helps.

Regards, Mike


What an absolute pleasure it is to work with a company like yours -the bars are here already!- THANKS.

Kind regards and have a great long weekend


Cut-2-Size order

I received my order for 100 cut-2-size bars on Tuesday (3 working days after I made the payment), and everything was 100% in order.

I installed the bars in two of the wood frame windows to see how it would look. The installation was very easy, and it looked great on the wooden frame windows.

Thanks again for the good service and excellent product from ViewProduct.


Marius Miennie

Thankful Client Zambia

ViewProtect was pleased to hear from a client in Zambia informing us of a failed house intrusion whilst he was present in his home.

The intruders, who were armed with guns, attempted to gain entry by cutting through the Armed Bars at one of the windows. They were however scared off when these bars unexpectedly triggered the alarm system of the house.

Had it not been for ViewProtect’s Armed Bars allowing the alarm system to remain active whilst he was in the house the outcome for this client might have been very bleak.

Gerrit Jordaan

Dear Sir,

I wish to congratulate you on your superb product. I had ViewProtect bars installed at our self-catering guest at Onrus beach.

About a month ago we had guests staying at our guest house. They left a window open on the bottom floor when they went to sleep on the top floor. The window was protected with the ViewProtect bars, which was connected to my alarm system monitored by ADT Hermanus.

During the early hours of the morning our guests wore woken by the alarm going off. It then transpired that a burglar managed to break the bar free from its fixture to the window frame using a lever. However, upon the alarm activation he fled leaving the lever at the scene of the attempted burglary.

The fact that the bar firstly prevented the burglar from gaining entry, and the secondly activated the alarm and scared away the perpetrator gives me a great deal of assurance. My investment in the ViewProtect bars had been justified.



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