CartView Screens


Different cart screens are used for a range of applications. ViewProtect’s CartView Screen products are manufactured from Plexiglas products or LEXAN polycarbonate, depending on the application for the safety barrier.

We have a range of products e.g. golf cart screens, automotive screens, forklift screens, etc. that can be design and manufacture for any type of application.


Golf Cart Screens 

When last did you see a golf cart screen without any cracks? 

Golf cart screens are traditionally manufactured from different types of Perspex. These types of acrylic screens have little to no impact, and/or structural strength.

Our CartView golf car screens are manufactured from Plexiglas Resist 65. This means that the screen has a tensile strength of +-65% of polycarbonate, but is still +-20x stronger than Perspex. These acrylic screens allow you to buff out any minor scratches and improve the clarity that diminishes over years.

ViewProtect also improves the hinge mechanism used on split screens. We introduce a polycarbonate tube and a stainless steel rod combination that not only improves the strength, but also the aesthetics. The traditional hinge mechanism for golf cart screens is a combination of clear plastic and rubber. These rubber hinges discolour and parish over time, and need replacement often.

We also improved the aesthetics of the screen fixing method to allow for a professional finish of your lifestyle investment.


Automotive Screens

ViewProtect’s ChartView screens are also made for different crossover utility vehicles as well as light electric vehicles.

While driving these vehicles the driver requires protection against airborne gravel and debris. These screens will also protect the operator during rainy days and keep out most of the freezing weather.


Forklifts Screens

Forklifts must allow for sufficient physical protection of the operator. Forklifts need to lift heavy goods onto shelving and subsequently require extra protection to safeguard the operator.

ViewProtect’s CartView Screens are used to protect the dangerous areas with different high-impact clear screens. Special designs and materials are available for a range of applications.

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