How to Choose an Installer

Most installations are performed during office hours and is not always possible for the customer to have the required supervision during the installation period.

ViewProtect value our customer’s safety and security and therefore we developed a strict compulsory training course before allowing any installer to install our exclusive Armed Bars.

Only approved and reputable installers will be certified after signing our Code of Conduct.

Feel free to contact us if you require more information on any of our installers.

Read this before deciding on an installer of your burglar bars.

    • Have the installer supply you their material and fixing specifications on their quotation?
    • Compare these specifications with TBASA
    • Did the installer supply you any references of previous projects?
    • Is the installer registered with a controlling body or association like TBASA?

After Installation:

    • Did the installer install according to their specifications supplied?
    • Are the bars sturdy and secure? Part of polycarbonate strength is the flexibility it provides, but it is important that some tension needs to be placed during installation. Bars that have too much flex could allow an intruder slides through the bars
    • Did the installer supply you any installation warranty?
    • Contact TBASA (Transparent Barrier Association of South Africa) if you’re not satisfied with installation done by a registered TBASA installer.