What is Smart Bar Technology?

Smart Bar technology is a transparent security barrier which is manufactured from a polycarbonate material and has been armed with a specially designed thin wire on both sides of the bar.


smart bar technology

These wires are in-series connected and is not visible when looking through the bar.

At its core, Smart Bar products boast the following features:

Physically strong transparent barrier – made from approved LEXAN polycarbonate material that is aesthetically pleasing with impeccable, high-impact strength. This material is typically used by police officers as shields during riots, bullet resistant and airplane windows.

The barriers are armed 24/7 – The Smart Bar technology allows for a thin wire to be securely wedged in specially made grooves on either side of a transparent polycarbonate bar.

The wire can be connected to any alarm monitoring system and will provide the most secure alarm sensor. This will provide you with a permanent armed perimeter protection.

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