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What is PC, and What is it Used For? Polycarbonate (PC) plastics are a naturally [...]

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ViewProtect Celebrating 10 Years   February this year marks a significant milestone in ViewProtect’s life [...]

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Things to consider before upgrading your new home security system You might be moving into [...]


5 Reasons you should switch to Armed Bars

Have you heard about the best clear burglar bars on the market? Armed Bars clear [...]

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Hurry and get your clear burglar bars quote during the lockdown. We are now entering [...]

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The Best Clear Burglar Bars in South Africa

What are the best burglar bars in South Africa, you might ask? We asked the [...]

Why our Burglar Bars are the best in South Africa

Polycarbonate Burglar Bars Polycarbonate (clear) burglar bars have become the new solution to security systems [...]