Are Steel Burglar Bars a thing of the past?

steel burglar bars

Are you tired of looking into ugly steel burglar bars? Are they disturbing your view and make you want to cringe every time you look at them? Well, now you don’t have to anymore. With the wide range of burglar bar products on the market, it is time to move away from the ugly steel burglar bars and move to a better security solution. But has the time come that steel burglar bars can now be a security solution of the past? I certainly think so. In this blog, we will discuss this topic more in detail and give you solutions to help you upgrade your burglar bars to something that will give you a better and more clear view of your property and your future.

Steel Burglar Bars

Steel has been known to be very strong and virtually unbreakable, therefore, this material has been used for years to add protection to your property and to help keep intruders out. The only negative aspect of steel burglar bars is that they have a big impact on your view and the view of your property to outsiders. This is quite a big negative for a lot of home and business owners.

window security bars, steel burglar bars

The time did not come soon enough for innovators to get to work and to develop and manufacture burglar bars that are not only strong but also give you and outsiders a better view of the property.

Clear Burglar Bars

With the advancement of technology and innovative inventors, clear burglar bars were developed and manufactured. These clear burglar bars are made from polycarbonate which is a see-through material and also extremely strong. That means that the ugly steel can be replaced by this wonderful and new security product. Isn’t that fantastic? What is even more fantastic is what you are going to read about next….

steel burglar bars

Armed Bars

To have burglar bars is a great method for property protection, but there is always some room for improvement. Don’t you agree? That is where Armed Bars come into the picture. Armed Bars are carefully developed and manufactured polycarbonate bars that can be connected to any alarm system. You are probably asking yourself the question, “Did I just read correctly?”. If you have your reading glasses on, you most definitely did read correctly. Here are a few benefits of our world-renowned Armed Bars:

  • They are clear which means that they are more aesthetically pleasing
  • 24/7 Alarm protection
  • Increase the value of your property
  • Made from LEXAN polycarbonate, which means they are virtually unbreakable
  • UV Protected
  • Good value for money
  • Flexible options according to your budget

We developed this fantastic security product to help ensure the protection of properties and also to add value to not only your property but also to your value of life.

Say goodbye to the ugly steel burglar bars and hello to your brand new clear Armed Bars. 

how to clean polycarbonate barssteel burglar bars


Are steel burglar bars a thing of the past? What is your answer after reading this article?

These burglar bars definitely have a place in the security market and we can’t just discard them, because they have helped protect homes and families throughout the years and for that, we are very thankful. But for now, a better product has come along to take its place and will continue to serve its purpose to help protect homes and businesses.

Switch to Armed Bars today and let us add value to your view and your property.



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