How safe are clear burglar bars?

ViewProtect’s Clear Burglar Bars deflects a bullet!

ViewProtect’s primary focus is to provide our customers with aesthetical security with the best possible products. That is why ViewProtect only uses the world-renowned LEXAN™ polycarbonate sheet from SABIC, one of the most robust polycarbonates globally available. This company is one of the very few that use only 100% virgin raw material to manufacture their polycarbonate. ViewProtect is proud to be the exclusive LEXAN™ polycarbonate sheet supplier in the safety and security industry in South Africa.

Part of ViewProtect success is that all of our installers undergo our intense training course before qualifying as one of the elite ViewProtect certified installers in South Africa. ViewProtect has patented Smart Bar technology products that are only available to these approved installers. Quality is essential for us, and we require only the best for our customers.

ViewProtect also focuses on developing and continually improving the transparent polycarbonate bar installations’ weakest point by creating the EziBar and AluRail fitment options. These fitment options have drastically improved the polycarbonate bar installation’s strength and provide our customers with the ultimate security protection.

With our patented Smart Bar technology, we further escalate our superiority by adding the option to connect our transparent polycarbonate bars to any alarm system. These Armed Bars, transparent burglar bars with an integrated alarm sensor, forms the ultimate alarm sensor that protects the customers with a 24/7 active alarm zone without activating any accidental false alarms.


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We know we’ve got the best!

Magnador is one of our certified installer companies that make use of SABIC’s LEXAN™ polycarbonate sheet products. An installation of Magnador was tested during an attempted break-in through the transparent polycarbonate installation. The burglars fled the scene after they could not break through the clear burglar bar installation, and during their retrieve, the burglar took a shot with a handgun at the homeowner! Luckily, for the homeowner, the bullet hit one of the LEXAN™ transparent polycarbonate sheet bars that deflected the bullet, and in this case, this just might have saved his life! In the video, it is clear that in this case the bullet did not enter the polycarbonate bar, which shows the value that the impact strength of the LEXAN™ sheet bars can have.

ViewProtect wants to thank Magnador for their focus on detail, making the LEXAN™ sheet bar installation as secure as possible. With pride, we recommend the excellent service of Magnador to all our customers, and with the properties of the LEXAN™ polycarbonate sheet, it can complete the perfect solution for the ultimate protection.

Magnador head office is in Cape Town, and they have representation in Gauteng and KZN.


Listen to the report on the audio clip and short video.

ViewProtect Bullet Voice Note

ViewProtect Bullet Video (1)

ViewProtect’s LEXAN™ polycarbonate sheet bars are not installed to form a bullet-resistant/proof barrier. The incident explained above does not indicate that LEXAN™ polycarbonate sheet is bullet-resistant but merely illustrates the strength the bars have when combining with adequate installation methods.

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