How Old Are We? – We Are Celebrating 10 YEARS

ViewProtect 10 Years


Celebrating 10 Years


February this year marks a significant milestone in ViewProtect’s life and our road to success.

We are celebrating 10 years of nonstop work, dedication and commitment, to make our mark in the safety and security industry in South Africa, as well as opening our doors to the international market.

Our successful growth for the past 10 years is due to the dedication and commitment by our employees, who have always gone the extra mile to make our customers their number one priority. We have accomplished remarkable success focusing on excellence and aesthetics.


ViewProtect was started in 2011 during an infinite recession and we have fought hard to overcome the many challenges that we faced. This made us more determined and focused on making this company a success.

ViewProtect - Where it all started

Polycarbonate was an unknown product to many customers, and we decided to investigate the idea of manufacturing clear burglar bars for the DIY marketplace. With the focus on quality and detail on our products, we signed up as a vendor with Builders Warehouse, which is South Africa’s largest hardware store retailer. This allowed ViewProtect to invest in this newly formed industry that had no blueprint on how to work with polycarbonate, and what to expect from these products’ in the marketplace.

We immediately identified all the significant challenges that polycarbonate presented and developed the ultimate solution that can be described today as the most secure alarm sensor in the world! With this patented technology, ViewProtect launched the Armed Bars that supply our customers unparalleled protection by allowing for the first time a 24/7 active alarm sensor. This Smart Bar technology has been used to develop further groundbreaking products which will be introduced into the marketplace in the future.



Since the Smart Bar technology development, ViewProtect only allows certified installers access to our unique products that are always of the highest standard and installed to our strict regulations by professional installers.  I want to thank all our certified installers for their dedication and assistance over the years to help build ViewProtect as the leader in the transparent security barrier industry.


A special thanks goes out to LEXAN for exclusively supplying us with unmatched polycarbonate and the believing in ViewProtect and our core values and products.

I also want to congratulate and thank all our employees for their hard work and trust in ViewProtect. We will keep on carving our way into the future, and with small, calculated steps, we will reach our target with respect, pride and glory!

We know we’ve got the best!ViewProtect Team 10 years later

Best Regards


Managing Director




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