Let’s Be CLEAR – Why Armed Bars?

ViewProtect AB vs SB

LET’S BE CLEAR – Why Armed Bars?

If you are looking for the ultimate security then we would recommend you take our Armed Bars option. These aesthetically pleasing physical security barriers completely eliminate the imposing prison-like feel, that traditional, “third world” metal security barriers give. Armed Bars will provide the customer with the kind of freedom they deserve. These clear burglar bars are manufactured with the AluRail fitment option and can be connected with any alarm system. That means you will also have 24/7 alarm protection against intruders.

If you would like the ultimate security but at a more affordable price, we would recommend going for the EziBar option. This option is our direct fitment option, but it has also been designed with our Smart Bar technology to offer you 24/7 alarm protection.


ViewProtect Armed Bar Diagram

What is AluRail?

What is AluRail and why is it so important when selecting our clear burglar bars? This question must have crossed your mind at some point when browsing through our website. Or maybe you were not even aware that a word like AluRail exists? Either way, you will find that this article will help educate you about our products or it will teach you something new. We will be answering the two questions above whilst also educating you about the different fitment options you can choose from when you consider switching to a more clear & secure, security barriers.

It is a fitment option you can choose from when selecting your clear burglar bars. In the past, most burglar bars were fitted with a more direct fit approach.


Tests that were performed by the University of Stellenbosch Structural Engineering facility,

shows that the AluRail improve the fixing strength with up to 28%

The detailed diagram below shows how this advanced system is put together:

AluRail Fixing options


Why is the fitment selection important when choosing your clear burglar bars?

The weakest point of clear burglar bars is the fitment of these bars to any structure. That is why ViewProtect has invested in the research and development of different fixing options that will provide you the ultimate fitment strength. The fitment option you choose is important based on your own individual needs and budget. From our side, it is important for you to know this so that you are aware that one fitment is the better and safer option, the AluRail fitment. This advanced system has an extruded aluminum profile that is fixed within the window frame. This design, therefore, helps to improve the fixing strength of the burglar bars making it more secure. According to tests, this fixing option increases the strength with up to 28%.

Benefits of choosing the AluRail option

  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Stronger fitment due to clamping of the bars between AluRail sides
  • AluRail improve strength by creating a solid unit with bars
  • No fixtures or wires visible
  • Can be premanufactured off-site before installation
  • No more holes in window frames required
  • Bars receive tension during installation
  • HotLock can be installed

What is EziBar?

The EziBar* is an economical option to protect your loved ones with ViewProtect patented Smart Bar technology. This product was developed to save manufacturing and installation cost and therefore we can provide our customers with a more secure option than the safety bars as well as saving them money.

Further savings are possible by adding a specially designed magnetic switch on fixed glass panes that are connected to the EziBar unit. This limits the need for additional bars on these windows. The alarm will be triggered should the fixed glass pane be removed during an attempted burglary.

More protection by installing less!

  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Can be premanufactured off-site before installation
  • More affordable

ViewProtect EziBar


Safety Bars

Our Safety Bars option is more for those of you that are looking for something less secure and more affordable. For example, it would be great to keep monkeys and animals out of your home or protecting your children from falling out of windows.

The direct fitment method had some challenges and therefore we decided to develop a stronger fitment option for our transparent burglar bars. The advanced AluRail system.

ViewProtect Safety Bars

VP baboon proofing


Our recommendation

Install AluRail Armed Bars for the ultimate , transparent security barriers

We are always at your service and happy to help. If you need more information or advice we are just a call or click away.




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