What makes a good Home Security System?

Things to consider before upgrading your new home security system

You might be moving into a new property, had a recent burglary or maybe you just feel it’s just time to upgrade those outdated security bars you’ve inherited. We’ve made a list of important considerations before you start shopping around. Armed with this the knowledge you’ll have a better idea of the best security solutions to secure your property.

1. The ‘Why’ to your security needs

The lock-up and go single person has completely different needs to someone with a family that constantly move in and around the house. Know what you want to protect, what takes priority and find a solution that addresses your needs.

2. Identify danger zones or easy intrusion areas

For a moment view your property through the eyes of an intruder… How easy will it be to get through your gate, into the garage, over the fence or to open any of your windows or doors? Is your property dark at night and do you need motion sensor lights or floodlights? Sliding doors and basement windows are also popular points of entry in burglaries.

3. How much security do you need?

Electric fencing, burglar bars, an alarm system, lights and window security will all be practical additions to secure your house, but the extent of the security required will depend greatly on the size of the property and the answers of your two earlier questions. None of these security elements operate in isolation, and you will only have better peace of mind when they all work together as an integrated system.

4. How urgently do you need your security installed?

A home invasion or identified security threat requires immediate steps to make your family feel safe. You can immediately install DIY solutions like our clear bars or identify products to buy you time while you get quotes on alarm systems, security guards or other suitable solutions.

5. Scalability of your chosen solutions

A solid security solution from scratch would be an investment and if you don’t have the budget we would recommend building it up systematically. You can start with your listed priority areas or the first point of entry for criminals – the outside perimeter of your property. Clear burglar bars for windows and security gates are also a good start for the first phase security, allowing you to install smart bar technology for those windows at a later stage. Security companies all have different sized packages and deals, it’ll, therefore, help to know exactly which areas are core areas for phase one security, secondary or those who don’t really require any.

6. Specific functionality, design and technology

Don’t worry if you don’t know the latest technology in security, a professional security company should guide you through the process. It is, however, good to know whether there are certain elements you would like to install like CCTV, more aesthetic solutions, access control, or priorities like the highest possible security for your bedroom. Consider how usable those solutions will be in the future and whether a basic, practical solution will do or whether you would be interested in smart home security you can run from your phone.

7. Cost and quality as core considerations

A limited budget doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality, it might just take you longer to scale up your home security to be what you would like it to be. Your initial research will give you a threshold and base budget, but ensure you speak to a security expert as they know which products are of better quality.

8. Security provider or DIY

If you are handy there are hundreds of DIY solutions in the market you can use. If you decide to opt-in for the experts you can contact a security provider. It’s important to use a trusted company with a solid track record as you are placing your family’s security in their hands, especially if you are someone who travels for business.

9. Contracts and additional services

Ensure you know the details around the security contractor if you decide to go this route. What is their contract duration, cost and read all the fine print? Make sure they are reputable and compare various options to see what they include in their agreements. Armed control is a great benefit to these contracts. Our clients find that our after-sales service and product warranties are useful, especially if they see security as an investment.

We are happy to assist you with a security plan or phased approach if you want to have the peace of mind a home should have. The world of home security products is vast, and following an investigative approach to getting your solution ready will ensure you have solutions that are perfect for your home and requirements. Contact us for a free consultation by completing our contact form.


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