COVID Protection Products and Giving Back

Are you looking for personal or commercial COVID protection products? As a polycarbonate burglar bar manufacturer and supplier, we have decided to start a range of COVID protection products.

We also care about our community, therefore, through our development and manufacturing process of the products, we saw an opportunity to give back.

We have donated some COVID protection products to 9 schools for the blind and deaf in the Western Cape. By working together we can make turn this negative experience into a positive one by supporting each other and by giving hope.

We delivered 2653 Face Shields, 81 Caps & Screens, 28 Screens, and 28 Hand Spray Stands.

COVID protection products

List of COVID protection products

  • Hat and Shield: This product is great for kids and adults to give them the ultimate protection. The hat gives protection against the sun and the PVC screen against airborne germs. They are available in various sizes and colours.

COVID protection products


  • Face Shield: The face shield is perfect for individuals at home, school, and during shopping. This is also a great product for employers and employees to help keep their working environment safe.


face shields


  • Retail Screens: Made with durable thermoplastic, our retail screens are perfect for different applications. They come in different sizes so they are great for businesses for a barrier between the employee and the client.

retail screens


  • Intubation Boxes: This impressive polycarbonate box is perfect for medical staff. It aids as protection between the patient and medical staff and minimizes the medical staff’s exposure to the virus.

intubation boxes


These products are designed to help protect individuals and businesses while helping them adhere to strict regulations with the right equipment.

Shop Online

We have more good news! You can now buy these protection products directly from our online shop. Go to our shop for these products by clicking on the button below. Now you can conveniently choose the product that you would like to buy in the comfort of your home or office.


Isn’t that just convenient?

Thank you for reading our blog and staying tuned to more updates on news, information and products. For any enquiries or if you would like more information please visit our contact page and kindly complete the form.


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