5 Reasons you should switch to Armed Bars

armed bars clear burglar bars

Have you heard about the best clear burglar bars on the market? Armed Bars clear burglar bars are state of the art burglar bars. They are specifically designed to give home and business owners the ultimate protection against intruders. Not only do they offer the best protection they also are aesthetically pleasing. In this blog, we will be looking at the top reasons why you should switch to these groundbreaking clear burglar bars.

5 Reasons why you should switch to Armed Bars


1. Armed Bars are aesthetically pleasing.

These burglar bars are see-through, which means no staring into ugly metal burglar bars anymore. Because they are more stylish and pleasing to the eye they are a great way to modernise your security system. Not only will it give your home or business a brand new look it will also increase the value of your property.


armed bars clear burglar bars


2. They are the strongest transparent burglar guards.

Armed Bars clear burglar bars are made from polycarbonate. Polycarbonate offers the ultimate protection that is a high impact product that provides you with a strong physical barrier. Just to give you an idea, airplane windows and bullet-resistant windows are made with polycarbonate. So now you can imagine how strong these polycarbonate burglar bars can be. A lot of the transparent burglar bars on the market are made from perspex which is not nearly as strong as polycarbonate. Besides the fact that we use polycarbonate, we use a trusted world-known brand called LEXAN. LEXAN is the world-leading manufacturer of the best quality polycarbonate.



3. You have a choice between different fitment options.

With Armed Bars you have two fitment options to suit your budget and security needs. The AluRail fitment option is designed to improve the fixing strength of the polycarbonate bars. Our Ezibar fitment has more a direct fit approach. With this design comes specially designed magnetic switches that fit on the fixed glass panes and that are connected to the EziBar unit.


Ezibar fitment
armed bars
AluRail Fitment











4. Affordable.

When comparing various burglar bars and their prices, the Armed Bars wins hands down. The affordable option, the Ezibar is specially designed to cater for those shopping on a budget but would still like the ultimate protection.

affordable burglar bars



5. Armed Bars offer 24-hour protection against intruders.

They have been designed to connect to any alarm system with the help of Smart Bar technology. Therefore if an intruder tries to cut through the Armed Bars your alarm system will be triggered. No other clear burglar bars can provide you with guaranteed protection as Armed Bars can.



Are you ready for the switch? Transform your security system at home or at your business with Armed Bars.

At ViewProtect we pride ourselves to offer you the best protection with our Armed Bars. Our recommended first option would be the AluRail fitment option, but if your budget does not allow it then our Ezibar fitment option can just be as valuable.

You are more than welcome to contact us for any advice or to get a preliminary quotation. We are looking forward to helping you make the switch and transform your security system.


One thought on “5 Reasons you should switch to Armed Bars

  1. ANDREA DAVEL says:

    Hallo Lize-Mari,
    I live in a Retirement Village and have no bars on my Bathroom and Kitchen Windows. (1 small kitchen window)
    I have seen these clear flat bars and like then very much.
    Would they work on wooden Windows and frames ?

    I live on the south Coast KZN

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