AluRail Fitment

Transparent Burglar Bars Fixing Options

The fixing position of the polycarbonate bars is known to be the weakest point of the installation.

Therefore is it important that the customers are informed on the options available and understand the value of each range.

AluRail Fitment


AluRail Fixing options


The AluRail fixing system is a specialized extruded aluminium profile that is designed to improve the fixing strength of the polycarbonate bars.

Direct fitment was the norm to install polycarbonate bars to the window frames, but this method had some challenges. Therefore ViewProtect invested in the development of a stronger fitment option for the industry and came-up with the advanced AluRail system.

During our testing period, we identified that the AluRail will not only improve the fixing strength but also the aesthetical look of the fixing of the bars.

Tests that were performed by the University of Stellenbosch Structural Engineering facility, shows that the AluRail improve the fixing strength with up to 28%.

The AluRail system is used for the installation of the safety as well as the Armed Bars.

The AluRail benefits are as follow:

      • Aesthetically pleasing;
      • Stronger fitment due to clamping of the bars between AluRail sides;
      • AluRail improve strength by creating a solid unit with bars;
      • No fixtures or wires visible;
      • Can be premanufactured off-site before installation;
      • No more holes in window frames required;
      • Bars receive tension during installation;
      • HotLock can be installed.

You have the following options:

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