EziBar Fitment

EziBar Fitment

The EziBar is an economical option to protect your loved ones with ViewProtect patented Smart Bar technology. This product was developed to save manufacturing and installation cost and therefore we can provide our customers with a more secure option than the safety bars as well as saving them money.













ViewProtect has again raised the bar in the physical security industry by developing the EziBar. This product includes the Smart Bar technology that will provide the customer with a 24/7 alarm protection without activating any accidental false alarms. The sleek design of the EziBar makes it possible to provide the ultimate protection at the lowest price and allow more options to the customer when window trimmings (blinds, shutters, curtains, etc) need to be installed.

Further savings are possible by adding a special designed magnetic switch on fixed glass panes that are connected to the EziBar unit. This limits the need for additional bars on these windows. The alarm will be triggered should the fixed glass pane be removed during an attempted burglary.










By installing less, you will get more protection!

The EziBar benefits are as follow:

· Cost-effective;

· Easy to install;

· Connect to any alarm system;

· Alarm protection 24/7;

· No more false alarms caused by human error, plants, insects or animals;

· Magnetic switches allow the protection of fixed glass panels;

· Minimum influence on blinds & shutters


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