ViewProtect COVID-19 Aid

covid 19 aid

The Coronavirus pandemic has hit the whole world by a storm. As always, ViewProtect likes giving back and the idea of ViewProtect COVID-19 Aid came to life.

Why did we start the ViewProtect COVID-19 aid?

The ViewProtect COVID-19 Aid was established after seeing what effect the Coronavirus had on first-world countries and how vulnerable we all are to this virus. ViewProtect decided that we will assist to prepare and protect defenseless South African’s. Ultimately to help make a difference in their lives. It was clear that this pandemic will change everyone’s lives. Therefore we need to work together to stop the spread of this virus.

Due to unfortunate financial circumstances that most susceptible institutions were in and the red tape bureaucracy it requires to supply to these institutions we decided to form the ViewProtect COVID-19 Aid. Through this platform, sponsors are able to donate money. The donated money will then be used to buy the required PPE products. These products will then be sponsored to the various appropriate institutions. 

Who is ViewProtect?

ViewProtect is a company specializing in transparent safety and security barriers. We are leaders in the development of new innovative products that improve the safety and security of our customers. With this COVID-19 virus, we have identified material and products that we can manufacture to help our frontline and vulnerable people in South Africa. 

The ViewProtect COVID-19 Aid was privileged to receive a sponsorship from Capitec Bank that allowed us to supply the much-needed PPE products to all the schools and institutions of the blind and deaf in the Western Cape. A total of 9 schools throughout the Western Cape received these products and was an enormous relief for these institutions to receive this sponsorship. This sponsored PPE products allow them to provide the necessary protection required to their children and staff.

COVID protection products

With the contribution of private sponsors and Capitec Bank, we were able to deliver 2 653 face shields, 81 caps & screens, 28 screens, and 28 hand spray stands. These COVID protection products were delivered at 9 special schools in the Western Cape.

covid-19 aid

ViewProtect also sponsored the Department of Special Schools with 1577 face shields for autistic children and children with special needs. Our CEO, Marius de Villiers also had an opportunity to share this story on Tygerberg 104FM last week. Follow this link to listen to this special podcast.

We still have +-65 schools for the blind and deaf throughout South Africa that require assistance. There are many more special schools that need this protection. With gratitude, we ask for your kindness to help us to supply these schools with PPE products.

What are you waiting for?

We want to challenge and motivate more financial institutions, companies, and individuals to help us. We will then be able to provide these much-needed PPE products to more institutions for the special needs kids. For as little as an R50 contribution, you enable us to supply a Face Shield.

We want to thank all of our sponsors for their assistance in helping us provide these crucial PPE products to the less privileged kids. 

We are all in this! Please contact us if you would like to make a donation and get the process started.


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