The COVID-19 pandemic has forced all of us into uncharted waters without knowing what the outcome will be. In these uncertain times, our frontline workers are bravely facing the onslaught of this invisible enemy by helping and supporting their patients as they battle this insidious disease.
As they perform their duties these frontline workers continuously exposing themselves to the danger of infection. The lack of appropriate protective gear for our frontline workers could have catastrophic consequences. Not only will they place themselves in danger but also their families when they are off duty and resting.

For these reasons, ViewProtect has decided to act in a supporting role to help in the development, manufacture, and distribution of critically necessary transparent products such as face shields, intubation boxes and other essentials that can protect our frontline workers.

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Banking Details:

ViewProtect COVID-19 Aid
Investec Bank Limited

Acc Nr.: 500 1596 0363

Branch Code: 580 105

Reference details:
Company: Use your company name as a reference
Individuals: Use your name or if you want to stay anonymous use PRIVATE as a reference.


Send us an email if you or your company would like to sponsor any specific products for a registered institution that forms part of our frontline workers in South Africa.
All correspondence can be sent to covid19@viewprotect.co.za

Sponsors can receive a Tax Invoice (including 15% VAT) from ViewProtect for the Sponsorship. Please send us your company details and VAT registration number.

In return, sponsors get the right to showcase and build their brand on our COVID-19 AID webpage. Please send us your logo.

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