5 Lockdown Tips to Stay Safe

lockdown tips

Currently, the whole of South Africa is under lockdown and all citizens are to stay at home, work from home and spend more time together. Just because you are at home doesn’t mean you have to neglect routine safety measures. You also might be fearful of how criminals might act during this time out of desperation. Don’t be alarmed, there is no reason for you to be fearful. Don’t feel unsure and unsafe in your own home. With our 5 security lockdown tips, you can be prepared.

5 Lockdown Tips to make you feel safe

  1. Connect with your neighborhood watch. Ensure you know who your neighbors are and that you have a community all looking out for each other not only during this time but always. If you don’t have a Whatsapp group, create one. This can be helpful to give your neighbors a heads-up if there is someone unfamiliar lurking around.
  2. Although you are at home ensure your security gates and garage doors are locked. You might slip into the kitchen for lunch and you might be caught off-guard by an intruder. Rather be safe than sorry.
  3. Activate your alarm when at home, especially at night. Most alarm systems can be set to chime during the day. This means you can set different zones in and outside your home to sound an audible tone when an intruder trespasses in these zones. This is especially helpful if you have Armed Bars installed. When an intruder tries to cut or break through the Armed Bars the tone will go off. If you are unsure how to do this contact your security provider.
  4. Close your curtains/blinds at night. Make sure if you have a garden that you have exterior lighting. Intruders often will try and break-in where they can see into the home and also if there are dark places where they can hide.
  5. Last but not least, when you go to the shop for essentials, BE VIGILANT. Look around when entering and exiting your driveway/home and when you are driving be extra aware. Quiet streets and lone drivers can be a target for hijackers and intruders.

Your safety is important to us and we don’t want you to be fearful. We want you to be prepared.

Please Take Note

lockdown tips

Remember that if an unfortunate event occurs we are still there to provide you with our services. If you had any attempted or break-ins during the lockdown, we can assist by installing our Armed or Safety bars to protect you and your family during this period. Contact us immediately and we will arrange the necessary installations.

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