Revamp your Burglar Bars

modern burglar bars

Modern burglar bars have taken the burglar bar industry by a storm the past few years. What is better than protecting your home and family while also increasing the value of your property? That is priceless.

What are Modern Burglar Bars?

Have you ever had the feeling of living as a prisoner with metal burglar bars? Have you been a victim of a burglar easily removing (by kicking or unscrewing) or cutting right through your burglar bars? Tired of looking into ugly metal burglar bars that makes you feel trapped? You have come to the right place.

In laymen’s terms, modern burglar bars are clear burglar bars, also called see-through burglar bars. Now, have a look at the ‘Before and After’ picture below:

modern burglar bars

Can you see what a big difference it makes? Now you can see for yourself how clear burglar bars can transform your view and the value of your home or business.

Clear burglar bars are also called polycarbonate burglar bars. Most transparent burglar bars are made of this material. Polycarbonate has ultra-high impact resistance qualities, making it an excellent material for clear burglar bars.

There are tons of invisible burglar bars on the market, but none of them are like our specially designed Armed Bars.

Nothing puts ‘modern’ into modern burglar bars like our Armed Bars.

modern burglar bars

What makes Armed Bars different from normal clear burglar bars?

  • Armed Bars are made from LEXAN polycarbonate, a world-renowned manufacturer. LEXAN’s polycarbonate products are of the best quality and one the strongest on the market. Other clear burglar bars are often made from substandard polycarbonate or acrylics, like perspex. These substandard polycarbonates and acrylics can easily be broken with high impact, therefore these materials cannot be counted on. A special polycarbonate is required due to our harsh climate in South Africa. 
  • Armed Bars have the unique ability to be connected to any alarm system and will provide you 24/7 active alarm protection without activating any accidental false alarms.

Why are we saying Armed Bars are the most secure alarm sensor?

    • Connects to any alarm system
    • Armed 24/7
    • No accidental false alarms
    • Strong physical barrier 
    • Aesthetically pleasing look
modern burglar bars
Smart Bar Technology
  • Able to connect to any alarm system
  • Armed Bars is one of our Smart Bar technology products we rolled out for the security industry. This groundbreaking technology allows us to develop more unmatched products for the security industry by combining transparent barriers with integrated alarm technologies.
  • You can get insurance benefits due to the alarm monitoring system
  • In addition to the already mentioned features, you will get a 10-year breakthrough warranty from us if you purchase our AluRail Armed Bars

No price is too high to pay for your family’s safety. Do you think it is time for a revamp? Are you convinced? Don’t miss out on the benefits of modernizing your security system with brand new modern burglar bars.

Take this fun quiz to find out if your home is ready for a burglar bars revamp:


We would love to give you any advice and help you choose the right clear burglar bars according to your security needs and budget. Head on over to our contact page, fill in the form and we will get back to you in 24 hours.

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