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transparent burglar bars cleaner
ViewProtect Transparent Burglar Bars Cleaner

After enhancing the aesthetics of your home and the improvement of your priceless views with ViewProtect transparent burglar bars, it is of utmost importance to maintain and keep these bars clean and scratch free with ViewProtect Transparent Burglar Bars Cleaner.

Mistakes are made by cleaning these transparent bars with cloths that are used on dirty surfaces. Sand and dust will collect on these cloths while cleaning general areas in a home and this may scratch the bars.

The cleaning kit includes the following items:

  • 1 x ViewProtect Cleaner 50ml spray bottle
  • 2 x ViewProtect micro fibre finger hood cloths

This non-toxic, special mixture has been formulated to be used to clean polycarbonate transparent burglar bars without damaging the material and UV protection. This formulation will CLEAN, POLISH and PROTECT your polycarbonate bars against dust, fingerprints, etc. and will remove the static developed after cleaning these bars.

These ViewProtect finger hood cloths are designed to enable you to easily clean the ViewProtect transparent bars and to avoid using dirty, all-purpose cloths.

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