Add value to your business with our burglar gates

“Let your security gates offer you more than just protection.”

Why is this statement important? The one word it comes down to is value. When explaining to a business owner what type of burglar gates you have installed at your business what would you rather say? Or what do you think will the entrepreneur find more valuable?

  1.  I have these nice burglar gates installed that offer me the best protection, I bought them from a supplier and I am very happy with the amount of protection they offer.
  2.  The burglar gates I have installed at my premises do not only provide me with one single benefit but several different benefits adding value to my business and the premises.

You have chosen statement number two, am I correct? Nothing is more important to a business owner than value. Protection is also vital to a business, but if you look at things in retrospect it is easy to see that the value protection offers is often more important than the protection itself.

That is where we come in. To not only offer you burglar gates and bars that can provide you with physical protection, but to add value to your business and your premises.

Benefits of our Burglar Gates and Burglar Bars:

  • They are transparent. This means you and your customers will have a more clear view of your premises and more aesthetically pleasing to the eye.
  • Because they are transparent they are more inviting
  • Made from LEXAN polycarbonate, they are physically strong and will provide you with the ultimate protection barrier
  • It adds extra value to your property
  • Our Smart Bar Technology allows your burglar gates and bars to be integrated with any alarm system offering you 24/7 alarm protection. This means if an intruder tries to break through them the alarm will go off.
  • They are UV protected
  • We offer you a 10-year warranty

Are you seeing the value yet? Here are a few helpful links so that you can view more of what we have to offer.


Give us a chance to help you to add value and protection to your business assets.

Choose us to be your partner in protection.

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