The Best Clear Burglar Bars in South Africa

What are the best burglar bars in South Africa, you might ask? We asked the same question, that is why we investigated the industry. With our investigation, we completed a thorough analysis of what types of burglar bars there are on the market, their benefits and their shortfalls. The findings sparked our interest and we decided to take it further.

The reason for ViewProtect

With so many different suppliers and so many options to choose from, we decided to do more research to find out what customers need more. We did this by having a look at which elements can bring more benefits to customers and how their safety & security can be improved. We asked questions like:

  • What concerns do customers have when they are searching for burglar bars?
  • What are their most important security measures at home or in their business?
  • Which burglar bars on the market are their first choice and why?
  • Would customers pay more for better value while still affordable?
  • Are they satisfied with the burglar bars on the market?
  • What improvements would they like to see in home/business security products on the market?

All these questions helped us to see that there is a gap in the market and that there is an opportunity to improve clear burglar bars.

With all the information we gathered we decided to take a chance. Based on the facts and interests of customers we decided to develop a world-class security product. A product that would not only make us leaders in the burglar bar industry but would also offer customers with the best burglar bars solution in South Africa.

General Clear Burglar Bars

General clear burglar bars have taken the burglar bar industry by a storm. One thing is for sure, they are an improvement from the ugly steel and aluminium burglar bars. Although they are aesthetically pleasing a few questions arises here:

  • These clear burglar bars, are they the real deal?
  • Are they UV protected?
  • Are they secure?
  • Is it really a deterrent to criminals?

To tell you the truth most of the time the answer to these questions is a simple ‘No’. The reason? Some of these clear burglar bars on the market are made of plastic (acrylic). Plastic offers little to no protection.

Polycarbonate Burglar Bars

The clear burglar bars you should be on the lookout for are polycarbonate burglar bars, which is a much better option and an improvement in plastic burglar bars. Polycarbonate is a thermoplastic that is strong and tough and provides high impact strength. The benefits of polycarbonate make them much more reliable and secure, but keep in mind that not all polycarbonate is the same. South Africa has a harsh climate with high UV radiation that will have a major effect on the strength of any polycarbonate. ViewProtect has tested different polycarbonate products in the last 8 years and we have found that some products cannot endure our climate.

Our products were developed to protect our customers and therefore are only the best. There are many companies internationally that manufacture polycarbonate, but there is one manufacturer that stands out for us above the rest. LEXAN polycarbonate is an internationally well-known brand. We are proud to be the sole supplier of their polycarbonate products for the safety and security industry in South Africa. We know we’ve got the best!

Armed Bars: ViewProtect Clear Burglar Bars

From plastic clear burglar bars to polycarbonate burglar bars comes the world-class Armed Bars, specially developed and manufactured by us. Why are our Armed Bars the best burglar bars in South Africa? Here is why:

  1. They are developed with Smart Bar technology which allows the burglar bars to be integrated with your alarm system. This provides you with 24/7 alarm protection.
  2. They are made from LEXAN Polycarbonate which makes them the most secure clear burglar bars on the market
  3. Our clear burglar bars are UV protected on both sides
  4. They are transparent, making them aesthetically pleasing
  5. Anytime someone tries to remove the Armed Bars or cut through them the alarm system will be activated
  6. They are affordable and increases the value of your property.

Besides our Armed Bars, we also manufacture different types of security products like:

The abovementioned products are also developed with our famous Smart Bar technology.

We say our clear burglar bars are the best in South Africa because we believe they are. Improve your home/business security with the best burglar bars in South Africa. Contact us for more information.

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