The Impact of Load Shedding on Crime in South Africa

Combating Criminals with ViewProtect

Armed Bars and Bark Armed Strike Plate.


South Africa has been grappling with the issue of load shedding, a deliberate power outage implemented by the national electricity supplier, Eskom, due to electricity supply constraints. While load shedding has widespread effects on various aspects of daily life, one concerning consequence is its impact on crime rates in the country. In this article, we will explore the relationship between load shedding and crime in South Africa. Additionally, we will introduce ViewProtect Armed Bars and Bark armed strike plates as innovative security solutions that can help combat criminals. To support our discussion, we will refer to the websites and

The Impact of Load Shedding on Crime in South Africa

Load shedding creates a conducive environment for criminal activities in several ways. Firstly, power outages disrupt security systems, such as alarms, surveillance cameras, and electric fences, rendering them ineffective. This vulnerability provides criminals with opportunities to carry out their activities undetected. According to a study conducted by the South African Police Service (SAPS) in 2020, there was a significant increase in reported crimes during load shedding periods, particularly residential burglaries and thefts.

Secondly, load shedding causes streetlights and public lighting to go out, resulting in poorly lit areas. This lack of illumination increases the vulnerability of individuals and properties, making them attractive targets for criminals. The South African crime statistics for 2021 reported a surge in street robberies and muggings during load shedding, with many incidents occurring in poorly lit areas.

Combating Criminals with ViewProtect Armed Bars

To address the security challenges posed by load shedding, ViewProtect offers an innovative solution: Armed Bars. ViewProtect Armed Bars are designed to provide robust physical protection for windows and doors, enhancing the security of residential and commercial properties. These transparent, polycarbonate bars are virtually unbreakable, ensuring maximum security without compromising visibility or aesthetics.

The Armed Bars from ViewProtect have been specifically engineered to withstand sustained attacks, including attempts to cut, bend, or force them open. They are resistant to common burglary tools, such as crowbars and hammers. Moreover, ViewProtect Armed Bars are connected with an alarm system that activates when an attempt to breach them is detected. This advanced technology acts as an additional deterrent to potential criminals and notifies property owners or security services of attempted intrusions.

Bark Armed Strike Plate: Strengthening Entry Points

Another crucial aspect of protecting properties from criminals is securing entry points, such as doors. Bark, a leading security solutions provider in South Africa, offers an effective solution in the form of the Bark Armed Strike Plate. The Armed Strike Plates are designed for different door and gate lock applications. The focus of the development of these patented designs has the unique ability to provide 24/7 active alarm protection at all external doors. This strike plate reinforces door frames and strengthens the area where the locking mechanism engages. It effectively prevents forced entry attempts, making it significantly more difficult for criminals to breach the door.

The Bark Armed Strike Plate is constructed using high-quality steel and is designed to distribute the force of impact evenly, minimizing the risk of the door frame splintering or breaking. This added layer of protection acts as a deterrent and increases the time required for criminals to gain access, giving occupants more time to respond or alert authorities.


Load shedding poses significant challenges to the security landscape of South Africa, leading to a rise in criminal activities. However, with the implementation of innovative security solutions such as ViewProtect Armed Bars and Bark Armed Strike Plates, property owners can effectively fortify their premises and deter criminals. These technologies provide robust physical protection and utilize advanced alarm systems, enhancing the overall security of residential and commercial properties.

By investing in proactive security measures like ViewProtect Armed Bars and Bark Armed Strike Plates, individuals and communities in South Africa can better safeguard their homes, businesses, and personal well-being against the adverse effects of load shedding on crime rates.


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