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When it comes to window security you can be sure of one thing, we are your best friend. Crime rates keep on increasing in South Africa and because of that, your expectations of security in your home and business will also increase. In this article, I will explain how we can take care of your security expectations as a client. 

Aluminium burglar bars

Thousands of homes and businesses are protected by aluminium burglar bars. They are strong and in the past most of the time it kept intruders out. This has changed in the past few years. Intruders have become more intelligent in the way they break into homes and businesses. They can easily remove or breakthrough aluminium burglar bars by using the correct tactics. 

Another con of aluminium burglar bars is that they obstruct your view and give an unattractive appearance to your home. Because of this, we decided to bring you a window security solution that is better looking and stronger.

Clear Window Security Bars

Transparent burglar bars, also called polycarbonate bars, has become a popular solution to South Africans. It gives you a more clear view and it creates a much better atmosphere and overall look to your home or business. Most of these clear security bars are made from polycarbonate, which is a very strong material and therefore nearly unbreakable. 

Like I said previously, the strength alone of the burglar bars are not going to keep intruders out. Most of them are experienced and have the correct tools to break or cut right through them. 

I am getting to the part you have been waiting for and the reason why our clear window security bars are the better and safer option. 

We have said that the polycarbonate bars not only add value to your property but are also very strong. But what do you think would be good to add to this equation to make it even safer? 

You guessed it right, an alarm system or some kind of technology that is connected from your clear security bars to your alarm system. 

window security

Armed Bars

We have developed a technology called Smart Bar Technology that connects your clear burglar bars to any alarm system. These types of clear burglar bars are called Armed Bars. This means when anyone breaks, cuts through or tries to remove your Armed Bars the alarm will go off and you are immediately aware of an intrusion. 

Have a look at the below diagram where you can see how our Smart Bar Technology works. 

For more information about our Armed Bars, you can follow this link.

window security

Window Security Transformed

This amazing technology and product have transformed the way we view burglar bars and has created a better and safer option for home and business owners. 

Have we managed to exceed your expectations? If your answer is yes, the time has come to transform your burglar bars to our groundbreaking Armed Bars. You will only be able to find clear burglar bars that can connect to any alarm system from us. We have patented our technology and therefore no other company in South Africa can manufacture and sell them. 

Let’s Recap by giving you the benefits if you decide to transform your home security and go with us:

  • Excellent customer service
  • Strong polycarbonate bars
  • Clear burglar bars that increase the value of your property
  • Transparent window security bars that can be integrated with any alarm system, this gives you 24/7 alarm protection

We can’t wait to help you revamp and transform your home/business security with the best service and products. Below are a few links to help you with more information and if you would like to start a relationship with us. 

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