DIY Burglar Bars

diy burglar bars

Are you a DIY enthusiast? Would you like to increase your safety and security at home? Or to just upgrade your current burglar bars with a more aesthetically pleasing burglar bars option? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then, our DIY clear burglar bars are an excellent option for you.

ViewProtect has developed new innovative DIY polycarbonate products that have hit South Africa by a storm. Now, ViewProtects’ uniquely designed and user-friendly clear burglar bars can be installed by the ‘normal’ person with basic tools. Here is what one of our customers had to say:

diy burglar bars review

Benefits of ViewProtect DIY Burglar Bars:

  • No appointments and installers needed;
  • It gives individuals a chance to protect their home/business without an installer;
  • Satisfy your DIY craving by installing our user-friendly DIY products;
  • Exclusive supplier of LEXAN® polycarbonate – one of the strongest and globally known brands;
  • Get the same benefits of our clear burglar bars as to getting from an installer;
  • The installing process is quicker and no worries of strangers in your home;
  • Get to know the product as well as the benefits while installing;
  • More affordable;

A lot of people like doing things themselves to ensure it is done correctly. DIY projects often give a lot of people a sense of satisfaction when completing a DIY project. That is why our DIY options were specially designed for the DIY enthusiasts.

DIY Clear Burglar Bars Options:

  1. DIY Kits
  2. Cut-2-Size
  3. Made-to-Measure

We wanted to create burglar bars that are innovative and that has that something ‘extra’. We want to ensure that all homes and businesses get the benefit from our secure clear burglar bars. Everyone has different needs and expectations and our DIY bars allow the DIY enthusiast to get his hands on a brand new project. Our DIY products have easy to follow installations instructions with links to installation videos to help the DIY enthusiast.

Did you know? Some transparent burglar bars are made from plastic (Perspex) and are easily breakable. Our DIY Burglar bars are made from LEXAN polycarbonate, the supplier with the strongest and most secure polycarbonate products globally. Our LEXAN polycarbonate burglar bars have been tested and you can see for yourself how strong they are:

What are you waiting for? Let your new DIY project begin!



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