What Are Emergency Burglar Bars?

emergency burglar bars

Emergency Burglar Bars: Quick Release Burglar Bars

What do you do when a fire breaks out inside your home? What if a criminal enters your home and you need to escape as quickly as possible?  I know at this stage what’s going through your mind. All you can think of is “I need get out of here as quick as possible through the closest possible exit”. However, what happens when you can’t exit through the door or you have burglar bars in front of the window blocking your way to get out?

With this in mind, we have developed the groundbreaking, HotLock.

Now, let’s get back to basics and look at two important questions:

What are emergency burglar bars? 

Emergency burglar bars are also called quick release burglar bars. These emergency burglar bars are when you can easily remove the burglar bars by unlocking them with a key. You can then remove the burglar bars and quickly escaping through the window.

What are the benefits?

By quickly removing the burglar bars you can easily and quickly escape through the window to a place of safety.

Why Choose ViewProtect Quick Release Burglar Bars

Armed Bars with the AluRail fitment are our emergency burglar bars. They have a mechanism called HotLock that allows you to escape through the burglar bars through your window safely and securely. Here are why our quick release burglar bars are the best:

  • The HotLock is integrated with the Smart Bar Technology of the Armed Bars. This ensures that the moment you unlock and remove the burglar bars the alarm will activate and notify your security provider
  • Easy and quick removal of the burglar bars which means you can escape easily and quickly
  • An available escape route for any panic situation

Here are a series of pictures to show you exactly how the HotLock works:

quick release burglar barsHotLock4

emergency burglar bars










Imagine you and your family’s lives are in danger? Imagine you are stuck in a room and you cannot get out? Don’t get caught off-guard. Have peace of mind with the correct security system and to ensure you are prepared in any unfavourable situation.

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