How do you add value to your property?

ViewProtect - adding value

This question is often asked: – HOW DO I ADD VALUE TO MY PROPERTY IN SOUTH AFRICA?

Most of us have our own ideas when answering the question above.

In doing research, we have compiled the list of improvements that will add value to your property.

  • Security: Increased security is a top priority in South Africa
  • Adding floor space to the main house: Extra bedrooms, extended rooms and open plan living are all popular improvements
  • Building additional accommodation space: A cottage for income generation, or millennials staying home for longer, parents living with their adult children and extended families moving in
  • Adding bathrooms: Consider adding more bathrooms, especially in older homes with multiple bedrooms and only one bathroom; adding an additional bathroom in this instance, instead of renovating the only existing bathroom will typically generate greater yield
  • Kitchen: A more modern kitchen could add additional value to your home, but it’s important to ensure your kitchen renovation budget is in line with the price of the house. Spending R100 000 on a kitchen upgrade on a house valued at R1 000 000 will typically not yield a return on investment greater than the cost of materials and building
  • Outdoor entertainment area: An outdoor deck/patio that extends the living area could add additional value.

ViewProtect Armed BarsAt ViewProtect we focus on the security part of adding value to your property.

We specialize and manufacture aesthetical, transparent, strong and durable burglar bars and security gates.

ViewProtect’s range of products with its patented Smart Bar technology is burglar proof and only available through certified installers. These products are unparalleled in the security industry and will provide the best possible protection to consumers with a “simple” solution.

Our products are designed to be aesthetically pleasing, whilst still providing you the ultimate physical barrier that is burglar proof by supplying an added benefit of a 24-hour alarm monitoring protection.

Our range of in house manufactured products are AluRail Armed Bars, AluRail Safety Bars, EziBars, Armed & Decorative swing gates and retractable sliding gates, all manufactured using our LEXAN transparent, polycarbonate bars and sheets.

Our add-on products such as Security Shutters and FlyScreen also adds value to your home and improves the aesthetics.

For more information regarding our range of products, visit our website and ask to get your quotation.


Here is a list of improvements that are most likely not to add value to your property:

While fancy fittings and features may help you sell quicker – especially in townhouse complexes where they can make your unit stand out from the rest – first consider if the price you’ll be able to sell your home for will cover the costs of these cosmetic improvements and yield a profit. The reality is that the following improvements are unlikely to add substantial value to your property:

  • Building a swimming pool
  • Installing air conditioning
  • Replacing windows and doors
  • Landscaping
  • Green energy, such as the installation of solar heating
  • Fitting a borehole



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