Installing Clear Bars the correct way.

What are the guidelines for installing clear bars the correct way?

There are many individuals and even companies that think they know how to install clear bars. It is very easy to make these mistakes when you don’t know what you are doing, untrained and uncertified. The common mistake made when these bars are installed: Holes are drilled to small through the bars, holes are drilled to close to the edge of the bar, bars are secured to window frames less than 20mm wide, bars have sharp edges, inferior products are used (not 100% polycarbonate), wrong equipment used for cutting and drilling, etc.

Here are a few examples of installations down incorrectly.

Protective membrane stuck
Bars kept in place with silicone
Incorrect caps
Holes drilled on edge
Hole drilled to small
Hole drilled to small









Here are the correct guidelines to use:

  • Use only 100% polycarbonate bars such as LEXAN™ polycarbonate;
  • Install on window frames wider than 20mm – use additional tubing when you don’t have 20mm to secure to;
  • Holes in bar must be at least 1 mm larger in diameter than the fixing screw/pop rivet;
  • The edge of the hole in bar must be 1.5 times the thickness of the bar away from the bar edge;
  • Maximum spacing of 120mm between bars – if fixing points are < 700mm apart;
  • Maximum spacing of 100mm between bars – if fixing points are > 700mm apart;
  • Maximum spacing of 100mm between bars – if fixing points are > 1000mm apart, plus cross sections are required;
  • Only stainless-steel rivets may be used – no aluminium pop rivets for burglar bars may be used;
  • Bars must have routered edges to prevent injuries;

ViewProtect has a detailed instruction sheet to guide you through the installation,

supplied with all our DIY safety bar kits.

Alternative, stronger, fixing options are available from ViewProtect

The fixing position of the polycarbonate bars is known to be the weakest point of the installation.

Therefore is it important that the customers are informed on the options available and understand the value of each range.

The AluRail fixing system is a specialized extruded aluminum profile that is designed to improve the fixing strength of the polycarbonate bars.

Direct fitment was the norm to install polycarbonate bars to the window frames, but this method had some challenges. Therefore ViewProtect invested in the development of a stronger fitment option for the industry and came-up with the advanced AluRail system.

During our testing period, we identified that the AluRail will not only improve the fixing strength but also the aesthetical look of the fixing of the bars.

Tests that were performed by the University of Stellenbosch Structural Engineering facility, shows that the AluRail improve the fixing strength with up to 28%.

The AluRail system is used for the installation of the safety as well as the Armed Bars.

The AluRail benefits are as follow:

      • Aesthetically pleasing;
      • Stronger fitment due to clamping of the bars between AluRail sides;
      • AluRail improve strength by creating a solid unit with bars;
      • No fixtures or wires visible;
      • Can be premanufactured off-site before installation;
      • No more holes in window frames required;
      • Bars receive tension during installation;
      • HotLock can be installed.

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