We put the “Smart” into Security

Smart security is not only about being ‘Smart’ but also about being effective and valuable. Smart security solutions have become invaluable to us in South Africa and in our communities, especially in high crime areas. What does smart security mean and why is invaluable? In this blog, we will be answering these types of questions. We will also be looking at how we can help you and how our ‘Smart’ technology will transform your security system at home and your business.

What is Smart Security?

A smart security system means simply what it implies. It is an intelligent system put together with various security solutions like alarm systems, door and window sensors, motion sensors and more. But what makes it intelligent?Smart Bar technology With the progression of technology, a normal home alarm system is not just an alarm with a burglar gate. It now consists of multiple electronic devices working together to give you the most reliable and valuable security system. Security systems have become so advanced that you can even control and monitor your system from your mobile. Now that is smart, don’t you think?

How do we put the ‘Smart’ into Security?

Over the years we have seen security transform and we also wanted to be a part of the transformation. We saw an opportunity in the market for something better, something that will be more invaluable than your normal steel burglar bars and something that would add value to your property.

Are you tired of looking at the same old and ugly burglar bars? So were we and with that being said, we decided to start manufacturing clear, polycarbonate burglar bars. Made of LEXAN™ polycarbonate they are one of the strongest on the market and they preserve your view. Another ‘Smart’ tick in the bag I would say.

Finally, I have saved the best for last. These clear burglar bars are the most secure transparent burglar bars you will find on the market. We have developed a ground breaking technology called Smart Bar Technology. Read on to find out why they are the most secure.

What is Smart Bar Technology?

The Smart Bar technology is manufactured from LEXAN polycarbonate and is armed with a specially designed thin wire on both sides of the bar.modern burglar bars This technology transforms your normal clear burglar bars so that it offers you with 24/7 perimeter protection. The wires are connected inside the clear bars so they are not visible.


Armed Bar is an aesthetically pleasing transparent security barrier fitted with Smart Bar technology that has the impressive ability to protect the home and inhabitants with physically strong, clear bars that are integrated with a 24/7 active alarm monitoring system. These Armed Bars can be installed on the window frame by using the new EziBar system or within a specially designed AluRail column that is fitted in or around any window frame or opening.

The Trojan Gate is a swing or sliding security gate for the protection of doorways. The Trojan Gate which supplies unmatched protection features and serves as an outside security barrier.

The ClearTrellis is the world’s first transparent retractable security gate. The ClearTrellis provides an alternative in the metal retractable security gate industry, which are known for the caged feeling it provides a home.

For more information about how the Smart Bar technology works you can click here. Strong burglar bars that have 24/7 alarm protection, you can’t get more secure burglar bars than that. What more could you ask for? And another ‘Smart’ tick!

We thank you for taking the time to read our blog. Well done, you also get a ‘Smart’ tick!

Let us help you outsmart unwanted intruders with our Smart Bar technology today. Complete our online contact form for more information. Alternatively, you can give us a call on 0861 444 789.

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