How to clean your polycarbonate bars.

Taking care of your polycarbonate burglar bars is important to keep them clean. Imagine walking into a room where there are polycarbonate burglar bars installed and you see dust or scratches on them, not a pleasant sight is it? It would make me want to cringe, to say the least. Maybe you could agree if you are as a perfectionist as I am.

Regular and correct cleaning of your polycarbonate bars is important to keep them dust and scratch-free this will give your room an overall clean look and feel. In addition to that, it will also help them to keep their high value.

We have compiled a few tips to help you take care of your polycarbonate products so that you can enjoy them for many years to come.

How to clean Polycarbonate Burglar Bars

  • As mentioned above it is important to clean them regularly. We recommend cleaning them once every 6 months if you live far from a beachfront. If you live in a beach area we recommend you clean them every 2 months. If you live 5km or closer to the beach you need to clean them once a month.
  • Use a soft cotton cloth or a microfibre cloth.
  • For hard to reach areas you can use a soft nylon brush such as a dishwashing brush.
  • Use a mild detergent like sunlight liquid mixed with water to make a mixture. We recommend mixing 5ml detergent to 250ml water. To make it more convenient you can mix this in a spray bottle and spray it directly onto the bars.
  • Dry the polycarbonate bars with a soft cotton cloth
  • Never use any abrasive soaps, chemicals, or materials to clean your polycarbonate bars. All our polycarbonate bars are UV protected and any abrasive liquid or material will not only scratch the bars but it will damage the UV protection.

We have put together a cleaning kit that you can use to clean your polycarbonate products. The cleaning solution in the kit will clean, polish, and protect your clear bars from dust, fingerprints, and scratches. Conveniently you can buy this cleaning kit directly from our online shop.


Hopefully, these helpful tips and our cleaning kit will keep you and your polycarbonate products clean and happy.

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