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Your safety at home is our business

Is your safety at home or business important to you? Are you certain that you have the correct security measures in place at your home or business to have the best security there is on offer? In the year 2018, there were 227 727 residential burglaries and 71 131 non-residential burglaries in South Africa. Safety and security are a personal issue for us and we wish to help you by offering you more sound solutions. Our main goal is to provide you with aesthetical physical protection for your home or business.

Which of these do you agree with?

  1. Safety and security is a top priority for you, your family and your business
  2. Being informed about safety and security is important to you
  3. Re-evaluating your safety needs on a quarterly basis is important to ensure you are safe and protected
  4. Be informed about products that can improve your safety and security at home or at your business premises

I think it’s safe to say you agree with all the points. With our blogs, we wish to keep you informed about the latest safety solutions and more. Here are a few benefits which you can expect from our blogs:

  • Valuable information about our products
  • Various solutions to your safety problems
  • Safety tips and more
  • Easy to read and informative blogs

We are so excited that you are reading this blog and most importantly, that you are now a part of the ViewProtect online community.

Aesthetical Physical Protection

Security systems are constantly being developed and improved in order to make it as difficult as possible for intruders to gain access to premises and residences. Physical security barriers are an age-old practice to keep lives, premises and possessions safe and secure.

Metal burglar bars have become the norm and these metal burglar bars can create a prison effect. As a result, a feeling of entrapment in one’s own home can occur. The need for a more aesthetically pleasing solution has kick-started the new transparent burglar bar industry in South Africa.

safety at home

Who We Are?

ViewProtect Pty Ltd was established in February 2011 by a passionate businessman. Like many other South Africans, safety and security are one of his top priorities. The owner of ViewProtect saw an opportunity in the market. As a result, he continued to design and develop a wonderful product. A product that would help to combat many safety and security problems at the home and business.

We are proud to say that we are South Africa’s top designer and manufacturer of clear burglar bars. We have a few clear burglar bar products that are designed to be aesthetically pleasing which solves the problem of having to look into ugly burglar bars in front of windows and doors. Our burglar bars are also the most secure transparent burglar bars on the market and is integrated with an alarm sensor 24/7. We call these burglar bars ‘Armed Bars’. Here is a list of products that we manufacture and will discuss them more in detail in the other blogs to follow:

  • Armed Bars
  • ClearTrellis
  • Trojan Gates
  • HotLock
  • DIY Kits


Staying informed about safety solutions

In our opinion, the burglary statistics in our country are shocking, to say the least, and is definitely a cause for concern. You don’t have control over these statistics, but what you do have control over to stay informed. Don’t become another statistic. Stay informed with the latest and best safety and security products on the market which we will be sharing about on our blog.

You are already one step closer to staying informed. We will be posting two blogs every month on our website. We will notify you about the new blogs on our Social Media pages. If you are not yet one of our social media followers, please see below links to our various social platforms.

In our next blog, we will have an in-depth look at why our clear burglar bars are the best in South Africa.

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Visit the Crime Stats website for more statistics.

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